Green Coffee Bean Extract Research and Weight Loss

Recently a new study released information about a brand new product that can supposedly burn fat and aid in weight loss incredibly fast. This awesome product is called green coffee bean extract and comes from un-roasted coffee beans. While many diet pills are nothing more than short-term fads, it seems likely that green coffee extract supplement may actually be a legitimate weight loss product.

This new study was conducted by researchers at the University of Scranton. After hearing about the potential benefits of green coffee beans, researchers decided to test whether or not it was actually effective to aid in weight loss. Researchers used 16 overweight adults between the ages of 22 and 46 as the participants.


During the 22-week study, participants were intermittently given three different supplements: a 1,050 high dose of green coffee bean extract, a 750 low dose of green coffee bean extract, and a placebo. Researchers carefully monitored diet and exercise habits to determine how many calories were consumed and how many calories were burned.

After the study was completed, the participants were weighed again. Researchers found that the participants lost about 17 pounds on average, with around 90% of the weight loss from fat. The participants averaged a 10.5% decrease in total weight and a 16% decrease in body fat percentages. Researchers noted that the weight loss totals could have been much higher if placebos and lower doses of green coffee bean extract were not used.

What amazed the researchers was the caloric intake and lack of exercise. On average, researchers found that the participants consumed about 2,400 calories per day and only burned about 400 calories from exercise. These numbers are nowhere near the numbers that are typically expected to cause weight loss. This led researchers to believe that green coffee bean extract had caused major metabolic changes in the participants’ bodies.
Dr. Joe Vinson, the lead research has a theory about how green coffee bean causes weight loss. Green coffee beans have a high dosage of cholorogenic acid, which is known to stop fat absorption. Vinson also believes that cholorogenic acid also signals the liver to metabolize fat faster than it normally would. His theory also supports other research completed by Italian researchers, who experienced similar results when testing mice a few years ago.

Vinson also explained that chlorogenic acid is released from the coffee beans when they are roasted. This is why drinking a cup of coffee does not provide the same metabolic effects as green coffee bean extract supplements do. Therefore, to experience weight loss effects, the beans need to be unroasted.

Vinson’s research along with several other medical studies certainly indicates that green coffee bean extract is a legitimate weight loss product. Those studies in conjunction with the hundreds of testimonials from coffee bean users will continue to increase the popularity of green been coffee extract in the future. Thankfully, it seems we finally have found a weight loss product’s ingredient that is safe and effective for long-term weight loss.

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